Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi-mediated nitrogen transfer

Investigate the mechanisms that how plant carbohydrates control arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi-mediated nitrogen transfer.

Leguminous shrub encroachment and N transfer

The goal of this project is examine the nutrients cycling and plant-plant interaction in response to a leguminous (fix nitrogen (N) from the atmosphere) shrub encroachment.

PAstures and Climate Extreme (PACE)

In a new project funded by Meat and Livestock Australia’s MLA Donor Company, Western Sydney University is investing in the construction of new pasture research infrastructure to gain insights into the outcomes and performance of grass and legume pasture systems as Australia’s climate becomes warmer, with more variable rainfall and operating environments become less certain. Within the PAstures and Climate Extreme (PACE) research program, researchers will be testing combinations of plant species, rainfall additions or exclusions (drought), warming from infra-red heat lamps and the performance of pasture systems under future predicted climate scenarios.