Useful notes about markdown

1 Ten simple notes aout R markdown

  1. italic : put context inside two stars**, you got italic
  2. bold : put context inside four stars****, you had bold
  3. If you want to break the line, you just need to enter the return twice.
  4. superlink: [showed_context](link). The link inside will guide you to the website that linked with showed_context.
  5. email: <>. The <> is used for email with links.
  6. insert internet picture ![](link). Further steps: define the width of the figure will be like <img src="link", width="100">.
  7. If want to quote, put a > ahead of the paragraph. One more >, one further step for indentation.
  8. If you want red, simple put context inside two `.
  9. If want a bullet, put a * ahead of the paragraph.
  10. Roses are \(\color{red}{\text{beautiful red}}\)
  11. opt+comd+I is the shortcut for insert chunk
  12. opt+“-” is the shortcut for insert “<-”